For the Bible study, for Sunday, April 11, 2021, and to following along, go to the Bible Studies' tab and find Romans. Then click on Romans that is inside the box. Then click Part 21 and Part 22. The notes are below.

Romans 9-11

The theme here is justification

 Man says that it is by religion--10:1-5

 God says that it is by faith--10:6-13

o Its availability--vv. 6-8

o Its condition--vv. 9-13

Romans 10:6-13

 10:6-13 is a solid unit--no single verse may be considered alone

 Romans 10:8 introduces two key words--heart and mouth

 4 Elements in 10:8-13

o Possession--v. 8

o Requirement--v. 9

o Results--v. 10

o Assurance--vv. 11-13


 Public confession is not required for salvation

 The thrust of modern Bible study today--what does the passage mean to me

 Romans 10:8-13 follows Hebrew parallelism

 What about Luke 12:8-9?

 Always interpret harmonistically--never take one passage against another

Parties involved in justification

 The unbeliever

 The messenger

 God